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Reston Youth Association (RYA) continues to grow by leaps and bounds!
In addition to developing athletes’ football skills, RYA teaches players teamwork, sportsmanship and a winning attitude.  Our organization believes that in order to excel, a true athlete must display commitment, responsibility, loyalty and trust - - both on and off the field.  We require our players to give 100 percent to their sport, their school work, and their community – this level of commitment and the required hard work, in turn, enables our athletes to form lasting bonds with their teammates and coaches.

RYA is a non-profit, tax exempt 501(c)(3) volunteer organization dedicated to the growth and development of the children in our community.  RYA depends on volunteers, sponsors, fundraisers and donations to survive.  Our volunteer coaches, team managers, parents, and players give an enormous amount of time and commitment to our programs.  We could not continue to grow and succeed without them - we truly believe it takes a village to raise a child!

Participation in program fundraisers is a league requirement that is critical to the financial well-being of RYA, since all non-profit organizations wholly rely on fundraising to stay alive.  RYA needs the support of every family in our effort; therefore we ask that everyone participate in fundraisers as a team.

Raising registration fees will eliminate the opportunity for numerous children to play sports, and that we simply will not do!  The cost of purchasing equipment, insurance and maintaining our facility is immense, so fundraisers help avoid passing the expensive cost of goods required to run our program to parents via high registration fees - it is a small requirement that will go a long way in ensuring that the cost of playing in our program remains affordable.
  • Each participant is responsible for a mandatory $50.00 fundraiser (to be determined by the league) unless the parent chooses to opt-out by paying an additional $50.00 to the current cost of registration.
  • If a child does not fully participate in the fundraiser, he/she will not be allowed to play until the financial obligation is met.
Fundraiser Opt-out
Any parent who wishes to opt-out of participating in the fundraiser is required to pay an additional $50.00 above the current cost of registration. This fee is due and payable at registration/tryouts.

NOTE: Choosing to opt-out of fundraising does not dismiss the requirement to work in the snack bar, chains or team parent roles.  You will continue to be scheduled along with other parents on your team/squad.

Thank you for your continued support of RYA.

Fundraising Chairman