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2022 Equipment Issue

Equipment will be issued to registered tackle football players whose accounts are paid in full on Saturday, TBD, from 11:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.  This will be our only major equipment hand-out date.  Please come to the equipment shed behind the turf field at Langston Hughes Middle School.

If you are unable to make it to this equipment hand-out date, please report to your head coach during the first week of practice to schedule an appointment to pick up your equipment.  

All players will be issued the following equipment:

  • Helmet with chin strap
  • Shoulder Pads
  • Practice Jersey & Pants with pads
  • Game Jersey & Pants with pads

Equipment Care

  • Pants and jerseys will be cleaned (washed and fully dried) prior to return.
  • No equipment is to be cleaned with BLEACH.  In the event that equipment does get BLEACHED, the player will be responsible for the cost of replacement.
  • Should any item(s) become lost during the season, the player is responsible for payment of the full cost of the missing item(s) prior to receiving a replacement.  A loss of any part of the 7-piece pad set will result in being charged for a full pad set replacement.

Equipment Return

  • Pants and jerseys will be cleaned (washed and fully dried) prior to return. Should items not be cleaned, there will be a $15 fee assessed for cleaning at the time of return.
  • All property must be returned to the RYA Equipment Manager on the turn-in date (TBD)  If the player fails to return any RYA property by December 1st, they will be held accountable for the cost of each missing item(s) as itemized above.
  • No trophy and/or awards will be issued to the player until all equipment is returned in the same condition as issued or paid for in full.
  • All equipment issued by RYA is for exclusive use at designated practices and games unless the player has received prior written consent from RYA. Any use outside of occasions described above, or misuse of this equipment of any sort, will result in an immediate request for return and dismissal from the team.