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Welcome to the Reston Youth Association Registration System!

Please read each program's description before selecting a program and beginning the registration process. 

Registration for the 2023 Tackle Season is now OPEN!!!


Thank you for choosing Reston Youth Association (RYA) to be a part of your family. Beginning in January 2012, a new Board of Directors began to lead the organization with the goal of providing the best possible environment for your family and the community. We looked at the history of our program and started making plans for the future as an all-volunteer, not for profit organization. The realization of that goal will be supported through the efforts of the newly elected 2023 board. On the field our coaches are trained in the latest techniques and safety and we implemented new rules to limit non-game day contact of players.  Off the field, RYA worked with the county and local organizations to bring turf fields to our area. The turf fields were installed at South Lakes High School Stadium and at our current practice grounds of Langston Hughes Middle School! The addition of lights at the Langston Hughes field will provide added safety as we practice late into the Fall.  

With all these changes, we find it necessary to set the registration price to continue to maintain the safety and improve the quality of our programs. The 2023 registration fee covers the cost to replace or refurbish player equipment, equipment for coaches, fees to FCYFL and the county, and a portion of our overall operating costs. The remaining operating cost is covered through fundraising.

Check the Age/Weight matrix below, then scroll down to the appropriate weight class to register.

Review the Northern Virginia Youth Football League Age and Weight Matrix below when determining where to register your player.  A player's football age is based on their age on October 1st of the current season. For example, a player that is 8 years old on October 1, 2023, turns 9 on October 2nd. They would register as an 8-year-old in the Ankle Biter Division (as long as they are 90 lbs and under). If they are over, they would register in the 80LB division with no weight restrictions.  

16-year-old players may not turn 17 years of age before December 31, 2023.   


Age on October 1st of the current season:



Age 7:  No Weight Limit

Age 8:  90lbs & Under

Age 9:  55lbs & Under

Seahawks Anklebiters 2023 Tackle Registration


80 LB

Age 8:  No Weight Limit

Age 9:  100lbs & Under

Age 10:  85lbs & Under

Age 11:  80lbs & Under

Seahawks 80LB 2023 Tackle Registration


90 LB

Age 9:  No Weight Limit

Age 10:  110lbs & Under

Age 11:  95lbs & Under

Age 12:  90lbs & Under

Seahawks 90LB 2023 Tackle Registration


100 LB

Age 10:  No Weight Limit

Age 11:  120lbs & Under

Age 12:  105lbs & Under

Age 13:  100lbs & Under

Seahawks 100LB 2023 Tackle Registration


115 LBS

Age 11:  No Weight Limit

Age 12:  130lbs & Under

Age 13:  120lbs & Under

Age 14:  115lbs & Under

Seahawks 115LB 2023 Tackle Registration


130 LBS

Age 12:  No Weight Limit

Age 13:  140lbs & Under

Age 14:  135lbs & Under

Age 15:  130lbs & Under

Seahawks 130LB 2023 Tackle Registration


155 LBS

Age 13:  No Weight Limit

Age 14:  No Weight Limit

Age 15:  160lbs & Under

Age 16:  115lbs & Under

Seahawks 155LB 2023 Tackle Registration