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Welcome to Reston Youth Association
The mission of RYA is to provide an opportunity for children of Reston and the surrounding areas to participate in an organized youth football and cheerleading programs. We aspire to build a successful youth organization by applying standards and activities that will create an environment of athletic enthusiasm and learning with a focus on achieving high academic standards. RYA’s board strongly believes it is our responsibility to be positive role models by giving back to our youth and continually striving to build a healthy positive community.
**Want to know what the board is up to? Would you like to learn about your voter rights as a member of RYA? Board meetings are the 2nd Tuesday of every month and is open to all members. Email   for specifics.
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Let’s Hear Your Colors Seahawk’s Blue And Green!
  RYA Cheer will be back for the fall season 2022!  We are...
  RYA TEAM STORE is OPEN!!!   Get your gear...
Help Us Continue the Seahawk Tradition...
“Once a Seahawk, always a winner!” Help us continue...
Let’s Hear Your Colors Seahawk’s Blue And Green!


RYA Cheer will be back for the fall season 2022! 

We are looking for Cheer Co-Commissioners and Cheer Coaches.  

If you are interested in applying for any of these positions, please Contact Cheer Commissioner Nicole Wofford at  . RYA requires a background check of all personnel who are selected for the cheer leadership positions. 


Cheer Co-Commissioner:

  • Responsible for managing the Cheer Program for Reston Youth Association 
  • Ensure all reasonable levels of safety practices and policies, as well as rules and responsibilities are adhered to by coaches 
  • Select coaches and helpers responsible for coordinating the day-to-day activities of each of the Cheer squads 
  • Selecting and ordering all components of the Cheerleading Outfit 
  • Coordinate and manage the uniform fitting, uniform pick-up, and uniform return process 
  • Supervise/participate in the selections of music and choreography for the main routine, parades, sideline routines and other performances 
  • Support the Association's fundraising campaign and concessions operations 
  • Coordinate and manage practice and game schedule 
  • Schedule and coordinate special appearance at outside events that many include but are not limited to SLHS Homecoming Parade, SLHS Youth Night, Reston Town Center Holiday Parade, Performance Day, and any cheer competitions 
  • Attend monthly RYA board meetings 
  • Manage the discipline process with and between all parties participating in the RYA Cheer Program 
  • Ensure communications of all pertinent information is reaching cheer coaches and families 


Cheer Coach: 

The role of the Cheerleading Coach is to promote positive teamwork, sportsmanship and fan involvement at games while teaching the basics of recreational cheer. Coaches do not need to have any previous cheer or dance experience but must be willing to commit to learning the basics of cheerleading to coach a squad properly and safely. A guide to cheerleading basics and a suggested practice curriculum will be provided to each coach. Cheers, chants, and some routines will be choreographed in advance and taught to the coaches 

  • Plan and supervise games and practices with your co-coach(es) 
  • Keep squad records including emergency contacts, attendance, and allergies and other medical issues 
  • Inform players/parents about games, practices, events, cancellations, and make-ups 
  • Learn all cheers, chants, and routines to guide your squad in practices and performances 
  • Promote the values of responsibility and commitment 
  • Encourage the involvement of the parents as volunteers 
  • Provide a safe and fun environment for the children 
  • Learn and follow all league rules, policies, and procedures 
  • Assume responsibility for equipment that has been provided by the league 


GO SEAHAWKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by posted 04/18/2022



is OPEN!!!


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Questions?  Please e-mail us at: RYADirectors@gmail.com


GO SEAHAWKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by posted 09/13/2021
Help Us Continue the Seahawk Tradition...

“Once a Seahawk, always a winner!”

Help us continue the winning tradition for the next generation of Seahawks! Reston Youth Association (RYA) is your home for youth sports. RYA is a not-for-profit organization run by volunteers who dedicate their time to coach and organize our programs. Through RYA’s youth tackle football, flag football, and cheerleading programs, Reston’s youth learn discipline, dedication, and teamwork. RYA is committed to providing our children a safe and fun environment through which to develop lifelong skills.

To do so, RYA relies on community support and funding. Our players need new helmets and shoulder pads to replace outdated tackle football equipment and additional cheerleading uniforms for our ever-growing cheerleading program. Help make a difference for our Reston youth by contributing to their safety and success. Any amount is greatly appreciated!

Did  you know….

·        RYA had two 2018 tackle football teams win the Fairfax County Youth Football League Championship!!!

·        RYA cheerleaders have taken 1st place at the Alexandria Invitational Cheer Competition for 6 years!!!

·        RYA's flag football program is the largest in Northern Virginia, with over 200 youth participants from the Reston area!!!

Help us continue our championship tradition! Give today! The next generation of Seahawks thank you!!

To donate follow this link: https://www.gofundme.com/f/continue-the-seahawk-tradition?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=fb_dn_cpgnstaticxlarge_r&fbclid=IwAR0Lg89RfuCQadkqR1t0fP7nTwHzQV16yjyi22IRcnQaiNP58KeHmqw3Mps

Questions? Email: 

Go Seahawks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by posted 06/22/2019
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