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RYA Tackle Football Program Summary

During the month of August, practice is held Monday through Friday, 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm.  After Labor Day, practice is held 3 nights a week from 6:00 to 8:00 pm.  Practice begins Monday, August 7, 2023.

FOOTBALL GAMES:  RYA participates in the Fairfax County Football League (FCYFL) so games are played in Reston and around Fairfax County.  Players are expected to attend all home and away games.

PLAYING LEVELS:  Each player will be weighed-in during the practice season for Safety Certification.  Players must play in their own weight division.  Divisional weight requirements are located on the FCYFL Website www.fcyfl.org

Each player is weighed-in before the season begins; Players may gain 5lb. after Certification for weight classes; Ankle Biters, 80lbs, and 90lbs.10lbs after Certification is allowed for weight classes; 100lbs, 115lbs, 130lbs, and 155lbs. Players who do not attend the weigh-in or do not meet the weight limits are not allowed to play.

SAFETY:  The RYA program emphasizes player safety. At every practice or game, a person qualified to administer first aid will be present.  Before any player participates in physical contact drills against another player, he will have had 1 week of intensive physical conditioning.  At each practice and before each game, he will go through a thorough routine of stretching and warming-up exercises.  Before ever taking the field in a game, he will have had over 50 hours of vigorous training and conditioning.  When he plays, his games will be officiated by registered football officials.

EQUIPMENT:  Each Player is issued the following equipment during assigned equipment issue dates: Helmet with face mask and chin strap, shoulder pads, practice jersey and pants, game jersey and pants, and a 7-piece pad set. 

Players must condition for five days prior to receiving football equipment. Equipment is only issued after a completed registration form with payment is received by RYA. A parent or guardian must accompany the player and sign documentation to receive equipment. This equipment must be returned to RYA at the season's end.

Each Player is expected to provide his own: mouthguards/mouthpieces, shoes, athletic supporter, and game & practice socks.

REGISTER EARLY:  Registering early will ensure your player will receive all notifications of equipment issues and practice schedules.  You will also enjoy $20 off for early bird registration until June 30, 2023.

OFFICIAL FCYFL WEIGH-IN:  All RYA football players must weigh in during the FCYFL Weigh-In. Players must present an ID card at the weigh-in. It is advised to obtain the ID Card before the season begins. Once practice starts, it isn't easy to visit the DMV during the evening hours.

If you have questions, please contact our Tackle Commissioner, Jeremy Lee at: 

***Reston Youth Association is pleased to announce that scholarships are available for players interested in tackle football. Children eligible for the Fairfax County Public Schools Free/Reduced Lunch program or any other county program can register to play football for only $75. The Fairfax County NCS provides scholarships at a discounted rate and equipment vouchers to help eligible youth participate in sports within Fairfax County. For 2023 Tackle Football applications please follow this link and upload supporting documents showing eligibility prior to equipment handout.