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RYA Families,

Elections for the 2021 Board of Directors were recently held and we would like to congratulate the new and returning members of the Reston Youth Association Board:


  1. Wesley Williams
  2. Brad Love
  3. Nicole Wofford
  4. Noel Rosengart
  5. Mike Pendlebury
  6. Jeremy Lee
  7. Tabitha Love
  8. Candice Benvenuti
  9. Leslie Daugherty

The new Board would like to thank the previous members for their hard work and dedication in making RYA a successful program. Individual positions within the organization will be communicated in mid-January.
Reston Youth Association is an all-volunteer organization and parent support is critical to the success of our program. Please remember that you can always contribute your time and energy to the Seahawks cause. The Board will look for new and exciting ways parents can contribute and be more involved in order to make 2021 the best season for RYA yet!